Academy for Potential Development, Göttingen, Germany

A special atmosphere is needed for people to open up to each other and help each other unleash the potential they possess inside them. We are very grateful for one of the photo art work of COLORS OF SUN, because with its aura it contributes decisively to this atmosphere in our conference room at the Academy for Potential Development renewing itself again and again.

Prof. Gerald Hüther, Neurobiologist and author, founder of the Academy for Potential Development Göttingen, Germany.

IDEA San Francisco, USA

I purchased COLORS OF SUN art to be throughout our dental teaching institute and dental clinic because I felt that they were beautiful pieces of art, powerful and timeless. What I am experiencing is that the images resonate with my heart and I feel a positive energy shift. Our staff and course participants and clinic patients are also resonating with the pictures.

Fabulous thank you, COLORS OF SUN.

Dr. Robert Lamb

Hair · Body · Harmony, Heidelberg

For my holistic way of working, I chose the photographic art of COLORS OF SUN for my premises and feel this has rounded off the overall wholeness of the room. I am very happy to have created an oasis of well-being for my customers.

Edwina Dussel


Light stands for vital energy-, our customers and our team enjoy this double light force in our offices every day. The lamp concept Mittelicht has integrated the photographic, art of COLORS OF SUN with this charisma in this shop in Fasanenstraße, Berlin.

Rayko Schwarz

Helth Conseling, Horrenberg

Thanks to the aura of the cards from COLORS OF SUN on my desk, both my clients and I myself perceive the positive energy in my room as powerful and harmonious. Alternating the display of the 34 sun cards in this striking acrylic stand is a true delight every time.

Rita Fehst