Solar Consciousness
Connection to Light, Spirit and Colors

In the 33 pictures of COLORS OF SUN light, spirit and colors become visible.
There is no life without light, spirit and colors.

These are frequencies that we constantly take in; they act on our very being.
Light and colors communicate with us through our eyes and souls.
These waves of information promote mental awareness, individual consciousness for every human being to unfold.

The spirit’s message becomes audible, tangible and visible through the word.
The spiritual content of COLORS OF SUN takes effect in 33 words. The names of the 33 Light·Energy pictures, solar frequencies are recorded at particularly sensitive places in the world.

Light, Blessing, Gratitude, Gift, Consciousness, Source, Sun Child, Unfolding, ‘I Am’, ‘We Are’, Enthusiasm, Transformation, Freedom, Purity, Spirit, Life, Trust, Sign, Life Plan, Heart, New Beginning, Evolution, Love, Humanity, Truth, Change, Heaven and Earth, Peace, Joy, Blossom, Dignity, Luck

We come from the light and return to there.
We thus consist of light, in-form-ation.

This perception allows us to change fixed thinking structures, towards a freed spirit through the support of light information, consciousness. Within these spheres our spirit knows no limits.

COLORS OF SUN make the creation of a new sphere possible, a field of solar consciousness through the 33 Light·Energy pictures for your home or workplace.

I invite you to let all 33 Light·Energy pictures touching you.