33 Energy·Pictures of the Sun
These pictures bring the powerful energies of the sun into affect for you and your spaces.

Create powerful spaces for your private and professional use. After only a short time you will notice the effect in your rooms.

COLORS OF SUN solar energies will support you all year round


Solar consciousness are sun frequencies that we are constantly absorbing.
They affect our entire well-being.

The pictures of COLORS OF SUN were created in particularly sensitive locations in the world. The photographs were taken directly into the sun to make the specific sun energies visible. These 33 solar energies were transformed into unique images flooded with light. An individual and unique acrylic technique was developed by COLORS OF SUN for this purpose. A metal-free suspension system allows the pictures to appear to float freely in space. This freely suspended wall installation allows optimum light penetration and thus achieves the greatest possible effect.

Energy·Picture SOURCE 006, Ausstellung MitteLicht, Berlin

Business premises with an lightful atmosphere – MitteLicht, Berlin