The frequencies of solar consciousness

Solar Consciousness
Connection to Light, Spirit and Colors

In the 33 pictures of COLORS OF SUN Light, Spirit and Colors become visible. Each of these 33 Light·Energy images stands for its solar consciousness, spiritual content, through the light and word as well colors. These energies touch humans positively in their body, soul and spirit and serve as loving support for the life.

Light, Blessing, Gratitude, Gift, Consciousness, Source, Sun Child, Unfolding, ‘I Am’, ‘We Are’, Enthusiasm, Transformation, Freedom, Purity, Spirit, Life, Trust, Sign, Life Plan, Heart, New Beginning, Evolution, Love, Humanity, Truth, Change, Heaven and Earth, Peace, Joy, Blossom, Dignity, Luck

COLORS OF SUN was made possible by traveling to particularly sensitive places in the world.

Through these solar energies new spheres are created. The sphere is an extended energy frequency field, beyond the limited space and time. This supports us humans in a much larger spectrum of energy than we have experienced in our lives so far. Expansion of consciousness becomes possible for all humans by deciding to bring about change in the accustomed thinking and acting.

Be the changes that you wish to see in the world. 

Make a conscious choice on an impulse for your support from the 33 Light·Energy pictures for your home and working environment.

The technical implementation of these COLOR OF SUN pictures are obtainable behind acrylic in various sizes without metal and additionally as canvas reproductions.

Hear, see and feel the solar consciousness in the
Melody of Life.


Being touched by COLORS OF SUN,
which Light · Energy is inspiring you?