The frequencies and colors out of the sun shine in 33 Light · Energy impressions

Light · Energy
Connection to Light, Spirit and Colors

In the pictures of COLORS OF SUN Light, Spirit and Colors become visible.
Each of these 33 Light·Energy images stands for its own mindful quality and frequency through the name of it.

Light, Blessing, Gratitude, Gift, Consciousness, Source, Sun Child, Unfolding, ‘I Am’, ‘We Are’, Enthusiasm, Transformation, Freedom, Purity, Spirit, Life, Trust, Sign, Life Plan, Heart, New Beginning, Evolution, Love, Humanity, Truth, Change, Heaven and Earth, Peace, Joy, Blossom, Dignity, Luck

These have a noticeably beneficial effect on humans, new spheres can be created. The sphere is an extended energy frequency field, beyond the limited space and time. This supports us humans in a much larger spectrum by lightful energies, exspecially for extending our consciousness.

The sphere is the unity of all that is
Both within and without · Both above and below

The human spirit is grateful to receive supporting impulses – we need them to help us evolve from out of situations and our thought patterns that seem to have become deadlocked. We live with great changes in this world – make them bright and colorful for yourself.

Make a conscious choice on an impulse for your support from the 33 Light·Energy pictures of COLORS OF SUN for your home and working environment.

To inspire the solar conciousness of the people, to feel the connection with the source again, through the 33 Light·Energies and their sound – this is the idea of the film of COLORS OF SUN.

See, feel and hear the MELODY OF LIFE and let this effect on you positively, a lot of joy.


Being touched by COLORS OF SUN,
which Light · Energy is inspiring you?

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