The 33 Sun·Pictures were created in particularly sensitive locations in the world and each of these sun pictures has a name.

Kauai – Hawaii, Maui – Hawaii, Brasilia – Brasil, Caldera de Taburiente – La Palma, Tazacorte – La Palma, Banias Jordan – Israel, Caesarea – Israel, Magdala – Israel, Masada – Israel, Sea of Galilee – Israel, Glastonbury – England, Penzance – England, Bolinas – California.


Light, Blessing, Gratitude, Gift, Consciousness, Source, Sun Child, Unfolding, ‘I Am’, ‘We Are’, Enthusiasm, Transformation, Freedom, Purity, Spirit, Life, Trust, Sign, Life Plan, Heart, New Beginning, Evolution, Love, Humanity, Truth, Change, Heaven and Earth, Peace, Joy, Blossom, Dignity, Luck.