Britta Elisa Krämer


My name is Britta Elisa Krämer. When I travelled to Kauai/Hawaii in 2011 my life was going through big changes. During this phase I met a Kahuna from the Huna culture. He recognized the changes in me and said:
„Face the sunlight, solar consciousness is the change.
Say – yes – to these changes.”
During great changes in their lives people are sent very special signs.

It took 7 years for everything to change and unfold.
During this time I travelled intuitively to particularly sensitive places in the world,
took photographs into the sunlight and created COLORS OF SUN,
spirit in matter.

A trust in my own intuition gave rise to the pictures.
The individual words revealed themselves much later.
I did not know how the words fit together, but it seemed to me that they expressed a kind of consciousness to make this Light·Energy understandable.

When I photographed the last of the 33 pictures in England, one word after another composed themselves into a text.
I called the text the

Colors are light frequencies; these light frequencies transmit information to our spirit through waves. Whether visible or invisible, the cosmic concert vibrates and sounds.
COLORS OF SUN has let these sunlight frequencies sound with a sound scientist.


See, hear and feel the solar consciousness, the Melody of Life.