In the 33 pictures of COLORS OF SUN light, spirit and colors become manifest.
These frequencies constantly support our being.
Each of these sun pictures represents a specific energy that expresses itself in powerful words and gives the pictures a name.

Light, Blessing, Gratitude, Gift, Consciousness, Source, Sun Child, Unfolding, ‘I Am’, ‘We Are’, Enthusiasm, Transformation, Freedom, Purity, Spirit, Life, Trust, Sign, Life Plan, Heart, New Beginning, Evolution, Love, Humanity, Truth, Change, Heaven and Earth, Peace, Joy, Blossom, Dignity, Luck

The 33 Sun·Pictures were created in particularly sensitive locations in the world.

Kauai – Hawaii, Maui – Hawaii, Brasilia – Brasil, Caldera de Taburiente – La Palma, Tazacorte – La Palma, Banias Jordan – Israel, Caesarea – Israel, Magdala – Israel, Masada – Israel, Sea of Galilee – Israel, Glastonbury – England, Penzance – England, Bolinas – California.

The pictures of COLORS OF SUN impart a powerful energy to your home or workspace. COLORS OF SUN invites you to allow the pictures energizing you.


Pictures Britta Elisa Krämer
Sound Thomas Chochola

What does solar consciousness mean?
How do people step into an authentic way of life of enthusiasm, freedom, health and luck?