Britta Elisa Krämer

started in summer 2011.

My special thanks goes to Ms. Helga Werner in Essen, for her supporting development and promotion for COLORS OF SUN.
Many thanks from my heart to my mother Maria Krämer, Dossenheim, as well as my deceased father Werner Krämer, for your special support.
Many thanks from my heart to my sister Heike Krämer, San Francisco, for your support of COLORS OF SUN.
Another big thank you to all contributors in Innsbruck and Gmünd, Berlin, Leipzig and Tiberias – Israel.

Light · Energy
Connection to Light, Spirit and Colors

My name is Britta Elisa Krämer. I developed COLORS OF SUN contentwise and the design. The photographs are behind acrylic glass existing in various sizes, as well as canvas reproductions. They can serve the creation of new spheres, in professional and private spaces. The first photos originated in Hawaii and led me on to particularly energetic sensitive places on earth.

Hawaii – Kauai, Maui
Brazil – around Brasilia
Spain – San Miguel de la Palma, Tazacorte, Caldera de Taburiente
Israel – Sea of Galilee, Masada, Golan Heights, Banyas Jordan, Caesarea
England – Glastonbury, Penzance, St.Michael’s Mount
United States – Bolinas, California

During the course of a recognition process 33 photos crystallized out of a multitude
of photographs, the 33 Light · Energies.
They flow into the
Melody of Life

Melody of Life

Light, Light, Light, a blessing,
full of gratitude to receive the gift,
in full consciousness of the
to bring the sun child into unfolding,
the ‘I am’ and ‘We are’,
say yes, in enthusiasm to transformation,
in freedom let the purity of the spirit
flow into life,
in trust and through signs
recognize the life plan,
breakthrough into the
the new beginning in this evolution,
to live love in humanity,
through truth shape this inner change,
in feeling the connection of heaven and earth,
to bring peace and joy into blossom,
dignity shines.

Be in Happiness