Since I have always preferred acrylic as a precious material in my home, it was natural for me to be enthusiastic about some of the COLORS OF SUN pictures. It is a great joy to live with these pictures because they communicate with sun and light. This communication evolves and develops a vibrancy that transforms the room into a wonderful, soothing sphere. These Light·Energies from my home have become essential to me. Many thanks.

Helga Werner


I came across the Light·Energies of COLORS OF SUN in 2017 and immediately felt deeply moved. The new sphere that was created for me and my customers and family has become a driving force in our rooms. The continuously apparent beauty and quality is a source of delight to me every day.

Christine Muncke


I am very grateful to COLORS OF SUN. I felt that the Light·Energy pictures gave me vital support in a phase of upheaval in my life. The force and light were with me during a very difficult time and I was able to start on my new path.

Melanie Priester


We have been living with the Light·Energy of the COLORS OF SUN pictures in our living and working areas for several months. My family, friends and customers confirm over and over again how palpable this new sphere is and are all thrilled. Many thanks!

Edwina Dussel