Sun and Science

Photo Art - Light and Colors Through the Sun

In her photo art project on the theme “Light and Colors through the Sun”, it was important to artist Britta Elisa Krämer to deal with the topic scientifically as well artistically. The sun has always influenced people’s thoughts and feelings; the spirit, like hardly any other celestial body, and stands for the energy that is constantly changing. It is therefore essential to dedicate oneself to the sun from many different perspectives and use them creatively and artistically. In conscious science the sun is recognized as a force for awareness and information a possibility of free energy. The scientists in question see humankind in relation to the cosmos and on the way to a new awareness of the spirit, the blossoming of a new culture.

In her book “Baby Sun Revelation”, the Italian astrophysicist Giuliana Conforto refers to a birth of the inner Sun, which animates every living being and links them to infinite, intelligent universes. It reports about physical forces inside and outside the earth that are responsible for the fact that we are in such enormes changes and how we have to classify them and how to make use out of it.