Solar Consciousness

These energies touch humans positively in their body, soul as well spirit.
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Inspiration · Creation New Spheres

Through these images, new spheres become possible. A new light-frequency-consciousness unfolds.

Advisory for your place

Visiting your rooms, also possible via Skype. Offer for the creation of new spheres.

Personal Consciousness

You would like help in choosing a picture?
Simply make an appointment, either in person or via Skype.

„I am“

Britta Elisa Krämer
Solar Consciousness
in Creativity

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„We are“

In cooperation with people who want to go into a process with COLORS OF SUN.

Solar Consciousness in Creativity
Britta Elisa Krämer
Im Hassel 18
69221 Dossenheim – Heidelberg, Germany
+49 151 43235668