Britta Elisa Krämer

The development of Melody of Life took place over many years. I was very much aware of wanting to make it possible to experience the sun frequency pictures together with their sound. Light and sound are an interaction of the cosmos for living organisms.

The effect of light and colors upon people and their influence on body, soul and spirit is as old as humankind itself. The curative powers of sounds and of light and colors were not recognized for a long time.

The scientific basis for their effectiveness has long been established. Whether visible or not, the cosmic concerto vibrates and resonates for every person, every plant and every animal. In 1923 A. Gurwitsch proved the existence of ultra-weak light rays in living organisms. In the 1970s Prof. A. Popp demonstrated the vibration characteristics of light metrologically in cells.

Light not only controls all cosmic processes, but also invigorates every cell in our body. Light and colors are vibrational energies that permeate every human being and everyone’s specific flame of life. When shock and stress affect a person’s life, the body’s cells are less able to absorb light.

Thomas Chochola spent many years in scientific study of this phenomenon and developed the echobell device in order to preserve the vitality and receptivity of cells with sound. I came to know Thomas Chochola as a person who intensively concerns himself with sounds and their effects on humans. Thomas gave the 33 Light·Energies of COLORS OF SUN their sound.

The sound researcher Thomas Chochola is a great visionary in the subject of cells, human and liveliness.
The Light·Energies from COLORS OF SUN with their sun frequencies, to compose in their authentic sound, this has been only possible for him through his intuition and knowledge all about sound itself.

To inspire the consciousness of the human being, to feel the connection with the source again, through the 33 light energies and their sound this is the idea of ​​the Melody of Life.

See and hear the
Melody of Life,
Words and Licht·Energy Images Britta Elisa Krämer, COLORS OF SUN
Music Thomas Chochola, echobell

Since I have always preferred acrylic as a precious material in my home, it was natural for me to be enthusiastic about some of the COLORS OF SUN pictures. It is a great joy to live with these pictures because they communicate with sun and light. This communication evolves and develops a vibrancy that transforms the room into a wonderful, soothing sphere. These Light·Energies from my home have become essential to me. Many thanks.

Helga Werner


I came across the Light·Energies of COLORS OF SUN in 2017 and immediately felt deeply moved. The new sphere that was created for me and my customers and family has become a driving force in our rooms. The continuously apparent beauty and quality is a source of delight to me every day.

Christine Muncke


I am very grateful to COLORS OF SUN. I felt that the Light·Energy pictures gave me vital support in a phase of upheaval in my life. The force and light were with me during a very difficult time and I was able to start on my new path.

Melanie Priester


We have been living with the Light·Energy of the COLORS OF SUN pictures in our living and working areas for several months. My family, friends and customers confirm over and over again how palpable this new sphere is and are all thrilled. Many thanks!

Edwina Dussel