An Idea finds its way

A THANK YOU from the Communities where the Light·Energy the – source – already shines.

COLORS OF SUN is giving pictures as a gift to public communities in form of the Light·Energy, the – source –.
COLORS OF SUN donated to following places:

2014 · Phorms School, Berlin Center
2014 · Paula Fürst School, Berlin Charlottenburg
2015 · Children’s Hospice Sterntaler, Dudenhofen
2017 · Hanna and Simeon Home, Dossenheim
2017 · Pichlmayer Nursing Center, Taufkirchen

We have already been able to inspire other people to donate a picture by themself, Light·Energy the – source – to following places:

2014 · Heinz-Galinski School, Berlin Charlottenburg
2016 · Akademie for Potential Development, Göttingen
2018 · Kindergarten First Step, Bahnstadt-Heidelberg

If you too feel inspired to donate a picture, Light·Energy the – source – to puplic places of your choice, we will appreciate your contact.